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Identity Theft Methods

ID Theft Methods Ways to Prevent ID Theft Are You a Victim?

Mail Theft (Dumpster Diving):

This occurs when someone looks through the trash for bills or other paper that includes your identifying information (i.e. bank statements, pre-approved credit cards, or personal checks) in order to take over your account and/or to open an account using your identifying information.

Old-Fashion Stealing:

This occurs when someone steals another persons wallet and/or purse to get any information to steal your identity (i.e. driver’s license/identification card, social security card, or credit/debit card). It is best to keep your Social Security card in a safe place and avoid carrying it with you.


This occurs when fictitious emails or phone call(s) are received claiming to come from a reputable company that you recognize and do business with, such as your financial institution, requesting your identifying information. Farmers State Bank would never request information such as confirmation of an account number, password, debit card number, or Social Security numbers through email or a phone call. If you happen to receive a phone call requesting such information, please ask whose speaking, hang up, and call the Bank back using the number listed in the directory.


Pharming is a type of internet fraud. Pharming occurs when an attacker creates a fake web site on the Internet that looks like a valid site for a real company. In the case of a pharming attack, the DNS server would contain the wrong IP address and direct users to the fake web site controlled by the attacker. Once there, the individual is prompted to provide information that is then used by criminals to commit fraudulent activities.

Scam Checks:

Scam checks is one method that has increased in the previous year. An individual usually receives the scam check through the mail which includes a letter informing the individual that they have won a “Prize”. The letters continues by requesting the individual to either deposit or cash the negotiable instrument and to forward a portion of the funds through an express service.

Card Skimming:

Card skimming occurs when a magnetic strip on a debit/credit card is illegally copied. By copying the magnetic strip, it provides the details which will enable the account to be accessed by a fraudulent person. In some cases, the scammer may create a fake or ‘cloned’ card to run up charges against the cardholder(s) account.